By the special grace of God, I have been lead by God almighty to bring to your knowledge different herbs that have strong health values to you and your family…see video

Vision of the Healing Herbs- wellbeing

The vision was given to Rev prophetess Flora Ajayi by the most high God, who created the heaven and the earth to redeem rejuvenate and free his children, from sickness, bondage, curses, and also to heal the land. Psalm 24 and revelation 22:1-7.

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. Herbs had had been used by all cultures throughout history. It was an integral part of the development of modern civilisation. Many drugs commonly used today are of herbal origin. Indeed about 25% of prescription drugs dispensed today contain at least one active ingredient derived from plant material. Some are made from plant extracts; others synthesised to mimic a natural plant compound.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that four billion people, 80% of the world population, presently uses herbal medicine for some aspect of primary health care. Major pharmaceutical companies are currently conducting extensive research on plant materials gathered from the rain forests and other places for their potential medical value.

You can do more information on the herbal herb, but I reassure you with herbs listed in this booklet, if followed as instructed, outstanding results is produced. But where you don’t understand, please do contact us immediately.

God Bless.

NOTE:all herbs should be taking out of reach of children.